Saturday, September 7, 2013

uk disneyland

i remember when i was nine, i get this unexplainable excitement whenever we go to amusement parks. the same excitement i once again felt when Julie and I went to Bicester Village. i know my cousin and her hubby strongly dont want me to go but i would be going against what my heart wanted.

shopping has always been a very important activity for me when i travel. it is a way to pay homage to the fashion and luxury. hence i had to go against all odds. had lunch at a sandwich place cos italiano restorante has queue and who would want to waste time eating. we came here to shop! i told Julie that only when its prada that queue is worth doing. had an amazing chicken soup and pizza slice. of course lemon cheesecake to seal the meal.

Bicester Village is like a one stop shop that has every luxury shop you wanted. and of course i am well prepared with my Europe Spending Fund. first stop is of course the host country has to offer - burberry! i TOTALLY love the shop. it has two levels and the men section is on the upper level. Trench coats were calling me to be tried on. i at least tried five to six coats before deciding to get three of them. then off i went to burberry body that i always wanted but sydney store doesnt have em. finally got a scarf that i wanted which is a modern check design that looks like the shirt i am currently wearing. overall burberry is the second best store and i am rating them 4.9 stars! ohh i ended up giving up the thick trendy coat cos i wont really need it til next year anyway.

the next stop is Prada. queue was sooo long but i managed to wait patiently and i guess it was rewarding. the best shop here of course because not only they have good selection. the staff assisted me personally like i have a personal shopping advisor and assistant. they were able to address my dress code predicament for monacco scheduled at the end of the week. the fabric was topnotch, fitting was almost perfect (minus the length of the cuffs). i immediately spotted shoes that would go with it in an instant like a zephyr of light! its safiano-nuff said. i gave this store 5 perfect stars which is because of the extremely organizsed and friendly shopping experience ever.

last note worthy shop is zegna. although i didnt get the trousers i wanted. i was able to get a clean crisp shirt to wear in Monte Carlo casino. they matched it with a smart looking tie all for less than 200 pounds! what a treat! giving them 4 stars.

the other shops were a bit of a snob! what the hell theyre cheaper brands but they have the attitude! if u make me mad there is a chance i might step on you "accidentally". just to give you a lesson that my goodness can overshadow your rudeness!

overall i love bicester shopping experience and would be one of the reasons i would come back to UK. of course the main reason is the warmth from my family and friends living here.

just a note that disneyland train ate all our time that we decided not to go for clubbing. still that doesnt mean we cant have any fun.. Julie knows exactly how to define it! Karaoke with beer and wine whilst munching south african chips and mini pasty&wedges in the side.

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