Saturday, September 7, 2013

The grand monte carlo casino

yes it is indeed the second smallest yet uber rich state in the world. no taxes and everyone is extremely wealthy. this country boasts the home of the f1 grand prix and of course the monte carlo casino.

i got a chance of seeing the breath taking view of monaco from the observation deck passing thru prince albert's. upn entering the casino. i was in awe just looking at how classy it was. perhaps a blessing that i lost 4 chips on roulette whoch pretty much dictated that i do not belong to the grand casino room. entrance was around 10 euros. i ended up winning on bit of pokies but eventually lost it anyway. i celebrated ny bday eve with a long island ice tea for myself.

later that night mario and luigi gave me a beer toast and a taste of blue cheese. kathie our tour guide gave me a bday hug. i am happy that at least theres someone to celebrate it with.

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