Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nice to see u again Paris

i managed to arrive safely at Gurd du Nord from London and I changed to Metro. my laziness to change Metro line made me walk for 25 mins under the blistering sun.

how i find this monteparte region is exact opposite of champs elyseeswhere i stayed on my first visit to Paris. i saw heaps of scary looking thugs and a passed by a flee market. over a block just under the bridge there was a totally different market. it was damn scary. i later realised that this might have been the stolent stuff market super sale. heaps of people were there and it scared the sh!t out if me.

then i saw the contiki bus and saw a familiar face-josh. kathie paired me with him since i already knew him from fb.

we went around paris to see familiar sights and i was in a pee predicament. then eventually i had to go to the coaches' lavatory that later i was told that u can only use in exceptional cases.

we head out to a brasserie and tried snails with petit champagne. i met some guys but never get their names cos im bad at remembering. i shall call them grant, takeshi, mikimoto, mike and prekash.

my contiki buddies i will introduce. josh obviously whom i met thru fb. kinda hih spirited from delaware in the US. jocelyn from LA. she is kinda my type of travel buddy and she knows how to read french and say basic phrases. when combined we become the greatest voyagers!

saw tour eiffel for second time and still captivates my heart! and louvre at night time is inexplicably amazing! then also we went o my fave place champs elysees to dance and drink. lots of DB lookalike so i declare this as DB kingdom.

next day we were dropped off at arc de triomphe. we saw it upclose but voted unanimously not to go on top cos of the time constraint. went to laduree and i had ice mint which taste like toothpaste but still i love it. went shopping for my toiletries at l'occitane. great i bought ine in France! then we went straight to Versailles which was a bit scary. getting the ticket i mean cos there are guys whi would be willing to give direction and end up quickly swiping their card after you swiped yours. then they demand payment for their card use even if it was obvious that you had successfully paid anyway.

ended up with such a scare but still we managed to drop the issue and enjoy our voyage to the elegance that is in Versailles. It is beyond words!

french cuisine at its finest. i had the well known escargot and duck confit which was topnotch! i reckon given another chance i want to explore more of france and i see myself living on this lovely country.

post script on versailles is that it is a poo disaster county so watch out with the loo. it looks utterly disgusting.

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