Saturday, September 7, 2013

Firenze is where i celebrated my bente sais

buon compleano to me. it gets better eventually after having a slight depression and hint of homesickness. the dinner was absolute epic night for me. started with antipesto. then pasta which is bolognese, pesto and ravioli. the chicken and tiramisu for dessert.

then they started singing happy bday and i made a quick salute with italian wine. that was the first suprise greeting. then came the champagne toast with Kathie and another guy celebrating his bday. as a finale they dimmed the lights and i was scared what was happening. out of no where there was something sparkling. little did i know that it was for me and it was a gelato cake that has chocolate sauce drawing into something i couldnt surmise first. i realised it is male genitalia. that was hilarious. i ended up sharing with everybody else.

we then went to regatta later i realise it as red grater where i got kool aide as drink that kicked my singing intensity. i hired my backup and we sang the ultimate song of the karaoke world- "i will survive". capped the evening with blue cheese and wine c.o mario and luigi. epic night indeed.

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