Saturday, September 14, 2013

my contiki story

Lets start off by thanking Katie for amazing job she did for this tour. if it wasnt for her, i wouldnt have enjoyed EU highlights. Kudos to her and Jase. Awesome team we were in safe hands.

i shall call them Reese and Charles. other contiki gang are as follows: Sherminator, Garfield, John Arbacle, Orson, Vin Diesel, Rohan (BB), Snoopy, Dorothy Cos (college batchmate lookalike), Abraham Lincoln, Mr Big (SATC), Pugsley and Wednesday and Commander Bobot (prev boss). i can go on and name names on their faces.

South African gals and Japanese contikers are welcoming. the rest are just arrogant bitches. but still i somehow manage to gel a bit but as i said i feel unwelcomed most of the time!

drinking theory is right. thats what the gang does all the time. this trip is a short one so have to squeeze all sights and must dos in that limited time. i just hate going with people who just wanted to drink all the time.

or perhaps i just like travelling alone. oh well im introvert and its such a challenge to socialise in groups for me. i did adjust and overall its not that bad!

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