Monday, September 16, 2013

Indulge in everything Belgian

Bruxelles is well-known for few great indulgences.  Waffles, Frites and of course Belgian Chocolates.

I met with two of my friends qho now lives in Luxembourg. I have to give them credits for coming to Belgium to meet up with me. Only for two hours but still it was great to catchup with them. I must say nothing has changed and I feel like its still 2003 when we first met in SGV. Except that now they have a little boy.

Rain was pouring.  I think it started in Germany and has also chosen to take the same route. It was raining everywhere I go since then. Managed to find Leonidas and buy some chocies.

Amazing lunch I got a free one too. Mussels and Kwaks are also famous here. I enjoyed it too esp with good company from friends I havent seen for 6 years..

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