Monday, September 9, 2013

i heart roma

one of the objectives today is to look for i love rome shirt. and honestly i didnt care much on the first day cos my heart will always belong to paris. but when we decided to move forward the trip to rome. somehow the stars aligned and we were able to see the pope. as what my aunt has said, if makes u feel closer to heaven. angelic choir. perfect musical arrangement that puts u to a different spiritual state. and of course knowing that the holy father is there to celebrate the Syria Vigil is beyond what i expected for roma.

it was also the longest night ever. train broken. met the spanish girls. talked to bradley who was really helpful in getting us home safely.

why roma is unique? although technically vatican is another state, i shall include it in roma experience. gelato, pasta, pizza, risotto, caffe, tiramisu, antipesto. seriously i think this trip will make me fat and too dark. yes, the sunniest in your europe added multiple layers of humidity.
despite all that roma is still my favourite place that i dearly fell in love.

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