Saturday, September 7, 2013

unlucky at french riviera

i basically skipped dinner just to wait for one hour delayed train to cannes. i find people on this area to be total snob! but what the hell at least i can flaunt my luxury and step on their foot given the chance.

the train arrived when the sun has set already so it wasnt the perfect view i was expecting. i was so disgusted with how palais du festivals look like. very ugly and not picturesque. it was even imitating walk of stars for crying out loud! theres a lot of good restaurant here and i thought that it wiuld have been good if my friends were here to do Satcy with me.

eventually i got a cheap crepe and i was happy about it. nit pricey but equally satisfying.

horrific story, train were delayed by 2 hours. i cannot fathom such thing happening on french riviera! i took a cabbie instead and was bitten by 45 euros. ouch! but the lady cabbie was really great driver. she was quick and precise. hopefully i win this money back at monacco.

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