Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Superman in Paris

thats me. lol

i had to endure going to various sights and enjoy the rest of the afternoon shopping.

i had a very extraordinary brekkie compliments from the hotel. in case u wanted to know it is le pavilion des lettres and i recommend 9.9/10. the 0.1 is because there was no tooth paste available.

brekkie was freshly made croissant, youghurt, and the rest i cant remember cos its too hard to read.

after that i only have 1.5 hours to explore champs elysees before checking out from the hotel. i bought one jacket from zara and familiarise myself with my route back to hotel. i saw le bristol which is now my dream hotel vacay spot.

after checkout i went straight to louvre. too bad it was closed (tuesday is their sunday). then i went to notre dame cathedral. then to pantheon. i love the architecture of both. detail of design is just breathtaking.

then off to shopping. i bought some limited edition belt and new collection scarf which is perfect for spring when i come back to sydney. alex was so friendly and even showed me the exclusive to champs elysees room full of pins (on the ceiling -1800). then i webt straight to laudree were i had the biggest (fatsest)french fries and my fave melange and of course their macaroons (where they are famous for). i totally recommend having it inside though. eating it outside will have risk of thievery (?) and inside is really really good. parfait ambiance.

i went back to the hotel and repacked my things. receptionist is from brasil and she was lovely. helped me get a cab but it was my fault i had to go to chatelete instead of nord de gord. rush hour carrying a 21kg luggage in stairs. its like NY all over again.

amazing time. good times. i heart paris. i will see u again next week.

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