Friday, August 30, 2013

half-day at bathspa

day two in uk another fast forward tour and if yesterday was london now its bathspa. its a nice town west of reading where cousins live. another late start for me good thing the voucher i had doesnt have specific time. although i like bathspa and quoting my instagram as the best town so far. i hated jane austen tour. it was mostly boring stuff. dont get me wrong i like her as an author but the tour was boring. i like the tea with mr darcy only because i was famished. had it not for mr darcy i wouldnt have eaten at all. quarter of the day was spent on thermae bath where it is an absolute must to indulge in..

roman spa was historic yes but rather not go to the museum. parts of it were good and interesting but most of em are really not my cup of tea really.

then there was the rush to go to rail station to catch the last train prior to stonehenge access commencing.

lets see this time if i can still snap and go to see the town. i just have to see the cathedral and old sarum and probably get a cab from old sarum..

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