Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Midnight in Paris

like the movie it was the most beautiful place ive been so far. it would have been really romantic if youre with someone. i was almost late to go to my tour de eiffel. good thing the cab waited for me to drop my bags at the hotel and brought me straight to the heart of Paris - Eiffel tower. its magnificent. at 12mn i enjoyed the display of diamonds across the tower and finally i met two filos lets call them kathy1 and kathy2 from milan. they took my eiffel photos. then i had the most amazing crepe with tomato and cheese (maybe cos i eas so famished). i then took cabbie to hotel and had a complimentary wine to welcome me to europe officially.

by the way clearing immigration was horrific. esp if you travel to paris at night. only one dedicated immi officer. my plane seatmates are both from france and i shall call them tim and laurence. they briefed me with what to expect in paris esp watching out for romanian girls on the streets.

splendid night and i slept with the opera orchestra.

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