Tuesday, August 27, 2013


was i expecting too much or is SQ still the leader in my flight preferences. remind me to change my amplify settings to link with Krisflyer.

firstly its a380 and the legroom was just horrible. the man in front of me inclined his seat and the monitor is right up my face. secondly i miss the time when you can just freely have a choice to go to upperdesk where seating is better and window seats has an extra compartment.

this is another long flight and now i am regretting that i picked window seat. my bladder is not cooperating!

this is the last flight before i sleep properly in a hotel bed. i am hoping that i am fully functional tonight when i carry my overwhelming luggage and walking through the alleged scary streets of paris. i still dont believe the stories i hear from my sources. reckon i should get a cab instead?

lets see how this flight goes then. all depends on the mood i guess.

postscript: celebrity on board. in fact they are both flight attendants - johnny cage and lady gaga.

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