Friday, August 30, 2013

England At Its Primest

blame it on the jet lag i was then late for my Thames Cruise. i thought about it and i was ready to pay more just to be on this cruise. twas topnotch and fully recommend that this is the first thing u do in london. that is if u werent early enough to get a reasonable queue to london eye.

it was my first time to get on the first great western and i was standing for half an hour. then i got on the tube. was a bit confusing at first but again it was more off the pressure i had cos its 20 past 10 and i have to be jn the cruise half an hour before quarter to 11. which is plain impossible. had to make a call and decided to get a cab. far out it was an old fart who is just racist! well if u treat me like that then i had to cut em off and decided to just call the tour company and luckily they rescheduled for another hour. had time to walk around and be amazed! i had a glimpse of big ben and i know im actually in london.

after thames i had a chance to kill time and walk around. i started taking photos of this gorgeous architecture on a building that looks like westminister abbey and later realising after my snack that it actually is WA. i had the best hotdog ever tasted and it is the hotdog chain at the back of WA.

House of parliament is exhausting tour. nonetheless it was highly informative esp for someone from a commonwealth country. so many things interesting but and 75 mins standing althroughout. anyway blooper for me is when i went to french group and later realising i cant understand it. guide said bonjour and i said bonjour back and smiled. didnt realise that they were groupih us based on the greeting. my heart is still in France thats why. got a guide book which really i should have opted to be delivered so i can do my homework beforehand. felt that i dont know much history and politics in UK.

next one is a bit of a journey but all worth it i tell you. windsor castle has the finest royal jewels and treasure collection. from state rooms to rotalty bedrooms we saw everything up close. which is free to touch by the way and you can even sit on royalty chairs unlike house of parliament where u cant. anyway i like this tour cos Madam Toussad was really good. very uptight but eliquent. after the tour we got ourselves some souvenir guide book and toast of champagne. overally i totally like this tour. now i cant wait for my royal buckingham palace tour.

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