Tuesday, August 27, 2013


my flight to dxb i met two interesting people. one is kiwi middle aged woman who's on a work assignment to huangzhou but would "shop shop shop" whilst in bangkok. she's so neurotic and crazy but i like talking to her cos she's so hyper. ive bever seen such high spirits before.

and there is this guy that looks like adam levine but is rather small. he's french. he's exactly the opposite of ms kiwi. he's quiet but somewhat resembles my messy attidude. but mines more controlable i reckon.

few bloopers in dubai. cant seem to find the entrance to dubai mall or burj khalifa. spent a gallon of sweat still ended up with nothing. not even coffee i deserve after two longhaul flights.

then there was the time i lost my favourite zara black jacket. i pretty much exhausted my aed thru multiple cab fare going every where and them cabbies becoming my personal tourist guide. and there was this unfortunate expectations lost. no burj al arab nor burj khalifa. but my heart jumped when i saw a section in dubai mall where it is too familiar. i was undecided if i want to indulge in a french brekkie then all of a sudden ryan came to the rescue. i went on another cabbie to burjaman 15 minutes from where i was and went straight to dome. can u imagine everyone working in resto/cafe are all filo. anyway ive got to thank ryan for showing me around. most fave part is when we went to atlantis. also he gave me a nice token wc is burj al arab. definitely my dubai appetite wasnt quenched to my expectation and um thirsting for more. hence i will be back sometime in january when the weather is right and when the discounts are on (hint from francine).

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