Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Immigration Hiccup

after BA flight delay and the physical challenge in Paris lifting my luggages - i face the strictest immigration officer i have ever met. i dont understand his problem. i planned my travel so well and piut everything together in my executive summary of europe plan. why is he making a big fuss on my five day stay in uk. i just dont get it.

i reckon this guy is abusive of his authority. he has indian background and bit old school too. ahould i have put 17 days stay in london? i dong get his logic. yes i am coming back on my last leg but i honestly believe that technically speaking that one night on 14th is not counted cos its another entry for me. plus i can stay longer than 17 freakin days. last i heard i have 90 days limit on my aussie passport. if he's going to be friggin racist then heck i should too. i reckon something is just plain wrong with this immigrationt officer. perhaps he had too much spicy food for supper thats why it clouded his judgement.. oh well, what a wat to spoil my first time in london. thats a minus 10 points for uk.

so far immigration in europe doesnt impress me.

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