Wednesday, August 28, 2013


here's another blooper and probably the most serious scary one that i almost had a heart attack.. i was taking my time enjoying my starbucks espresso frap and the scrumptious louisiana toast while eyeing the departure board. i swear i never seen the status of my flight ever change to boarding. suddenly it changed to "expected 9:31" which honestly doesnt make clear sense. is it expected to what? board, fly, depart or arrive. i was confident it was more of the third one so i took my time in having the most decent meal i had for today.

then when i arrive at gate 47. i was shocked that the couple were in deep trouble saying that they missed their flight. and realising that it is the same flight as i have. started thinking of worse case scenario. thinking of how to take eurostar.. then late the lady cane back saying that flight was delayed. i was right all along. what i learned is never trust hearsays and just go with your instinct. corroborate before even defining the problem.

BA is better than emirates in terms of leg room. the aircraft is not too big but managed to breathe naturally.

met this lovely couple who lives in england. hope they are right in saying that it would be a good weather in london for my week's worth of stay in UK..

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