Saturday, September 5, 2015

Weird Berlin.

The rain started in Berlin and went all the way to London and Paris. The experience was horrific. I went to Berlin Wall only to find out that it's only a tourist attraction at day time. It's completely hopeless at night. The signs weren't illuminated. To make it worse, Schoneberg is deserted. I read that Berlins nightlife is one of the best. But on a rainy Monday who would have guessed it was dead.

Two things stood out for me. One is the train s-bahn and u-bahn. I love the rail system in Berlin complicated yet easy to understand. Secondly, the people were nice. In particular the old lady who helped me navigate through the railway system. I talked with her all throughout the journey and learnt that she teaches German to foreign pupils. I got myself a quick session of the language with illustrations. She was nice and i realised that even though I wasn't able to see the historic places, sometimes going out to experience the warmth and hospitality like engaging with people is enough to satisfy my rainy journey in Germany.

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