Saturday, September 5, 2015

Greece Vacation: Short but Sweet

The trip to Greece was only for a short while. It was a day trip to a Greek Island called Mykonos. Overnight stay in Athens and a very short visit to Acropolis. It was more of a relaxing vibe that only a minuscule of time was spent on an effortless hike to Parthenon. My overall assessment is that I would definitely go back and explore the many beautiful islands that Greece has to offer. And of course also explore the ancient ruins and the mystifying archeological sites.

Mykonos is too commercialise that sometimes they lack the warmth I was looking for. Unlike in Athens people are so welcoming and very friendly. To compensate, Mykonos has the natural beauty of cliffs, mountain and of course the blue Aegean Sea. I also like the white fascade of the hotels and organised huts situated on beach shore.

One of the reasons I flew to Greece is to do a mileage run to retain my gold membership with Aegean Airlines. At the back of my mind I was adamant to take this flight cos my mum suggested against it. The services of Aegean maybe simple (from lounge to aircraft configuration); however what they lack in that area was overcompensated with their warm hospitality. I flew business intro Europe. However within Greece I flew via Olympic Air (part of Aegean air). The airport in. Mykonos was so small, crowded and chaotic. The one in Athens is much better and just meet my standard.

I stayed at Sofitel Athens (5 star) which was just a quick walk from the terminal. It ticked all the boxes and exceeded my expectations. I stayed in one of the executive room with free access to the club room. It was just perfect cos I don't need to use any of my priority pass limited access (only one left and I am reserving it for Vienna). Sofitel also allowed me to leave my luggage for four days which sealed the deal as my preferred hotel. 

I spent more than 150-200 euros for this trip and majority of it went to transport via taxi. Mykonos' transport system is limited and Athens' broken Metro trains. The first spot I went to in Mykonos is. Kalafati straight from the airport and I paid 30 euros. Due to my tight schedule I was planning on catching another cab to Elia, however no response from taxi company so I decided to walk instead. First 20 minutes was good. The walk was scenic, however after the 30 minute line exhaustion took its place. I felt my skin getting burnt quickly and I decided to buy sunscreen which is a jumbo bottle for a whooping 20 euros. Eventually I threw it away. Then an hour has passed and on the verge of giving up as I sat in the middle of nowhere under the scorching heat of the sun. It's sweltering I tell you. I was drenched in sweat and my skin is darker than ever. Right when this guy in red car asked for directions. I told him that he went the wrong way and should go to next adjacent road. After he made a U turn, I muster much courage to finally look back and put an expression like puss in a boots. He did ask me where I am going and if I wanted a hitch. His name is Sam from Lebanon and he's here on a week holiday. He thought I was crazy to due such journey and it's ludicrous to do what I did. He finally parked and gave me tour of the area. According to him this is his favourite beach and I can see why. Left side is for straight and right side is for Lgbt. After that I stayed in hut and ordered my San Pelligrino and never felt this free and relax as before. 

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