Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ja Taime, Paris

This city has its innate charms no matter what. The rained poured at night time but nothing can stop the allure that the city of lights can offer. I met my friends back in London randomly and we agreed to meet in Paris for our first night in the city. It was nice having photo taken at Tour Eiffel even with rain. I heard that Paris is more beautiful under the rain. I confirm it is equally beautiful no matter what.

Earlier that day we went to Hermes in Saint Honore, I believe this is the flagship. I was so gob smacked to see how massive it was and the range is endless. I did buy something for myself. Call it destiny but the belt I bought is a perfect match with my style.

Pressed with time I scanned my mind as to what I would be needing for the rest of the trip. I realised that I am about to ran out of clothes to wear. So thinking about brands, Zara is to Spain. Burberry is to. London. Hence, Kenzo is to Paris. I ended up buying the pair of shoes I've always wanted to buy online, this time I do have the size. Got a Tee as well with the infamous Kenzo Tiger.

Ended with a wonderful champagne and macarons complements from Les Jardin de la Villa. Ja'taime Paris. No matter what.

Except for custom pricks who confiscated my tax refund. schmucks!

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