Thursday, September 30, 2010

i seem to have lost my key

where's the damn keys? So many keys are jumbled in this shoe box that i can't open this fragile item. this has been locked up not so long ago. i shouldn't have secured it but then again it was too delicate to expose on such an early stage.

i don't regret securely holding it and keeping the locked box under my bed. i know for one, it can always be found. but never did i realise that such a long time i would lose the key. the only key that can open something very dear to me that would define the very me. i'm thinking: should i force it open? i reckon not! for it would destroy the outer-being of the secured device.

it is now my duty to tidy up every aspect of the room. the missing key is just around. can be anywhere inside. i'm sure. i just need time to find it... or maybe wait for it to appear.

weird enough. sometimes when u least expect it. and not even looking for it. for some unexplainable force of nature, it will magically present itself.

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