Monday, September 27, 2010

Throw a Rock ~ and Break the Dry Ice

perhaps this is the quietest i've ever been
its dry and i can't explain it any simpler.
the once colourful and fruitful days have died down
not that i don't do anything out of the ordinary
but lets just say creativity's all been gone.

days pass by so fast, also u just realise how quick season changes
and i can't feel i am living it, i want to pause this routinary boring moments
and live it according to my dreams and how i wanted it to be - in an orderly fashion.
but reality is: it takes supernatural strength, ability &inspiration to make things happen
and of course the right time - when the universe conspires with you.

i know its all mushy and seems like i'm going nowhere with this
but this is how i feel. that i am revolving through dreams but going round the circles
i need a force that will adversely change my direction
it can be a gamble, risking it to a different way
but at least life gets bit exciting and it complements my desires.

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