Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the rain and the power of the majestic sun

though it seems rainy and uncertain. underneath the heavy clouds there's always a sun that will shine its way through. thank you mister sun, its much clearer now. and i shall wait for fate to bring the one i've been waiting for forever.

* * * * * *
great things that happened today:
- had lunch with my mum together with the kids and their yaya;
- had finally bought magic sing cord and now i can pursue my singing career;
- had nice massage at Wensha, damn! money's worth it;
- had seen HCTB movie finally and it was fabulous! LMAO all the time; and most of all
- had ended the night perfectly with hopes and dreams still burning in my heart.

even when it rained and it poured heavily, there's always something good that comes along.

take back what i said on two earlier blogs. definitely worth it.

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