Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Art of Travel

Why do we travel? Why spend your hard-earned dollars into something that is not tangible? Some might say that it is better to invest and see your money grow. Some might say the only priority is to buy essentials like a house, car and build a decent home. Yet for few who have experienced what its like to travel and dip your heart into a pot of culture; It is something worth venturing for life is worth the experience.
"Take to the skies, free as the wind. With your head in the clouds, picture the wonders of the world, then - your feet firmly on the ground - set out to discover them. Explore the faraway lands, move to the beat of foreign cities, delight in the lives of others, and at last return home, at once different and the same." 1
Someone asked me before what is the big difference why you travel to another destination? It all looks the same. The only difference is the currency or the weather. And I realised that people who think like that might have not explored out of his country or if he did he slept all the way through that journey cos he was too tired to see the difference. For sure he would have seen the world as flat if he lived centuries before.
"Because every journey is an adventure, every destination a new experience that we hold forever in our hearts, like a treasure hidden at the bottom of a trunk. Lustrous with the patina of memory, loyal as our own shadows, our luggage ceaselessly beckons us to new horizons." 1
There is always something new when you travel, even if it is the same destination. You might not discover the hidden gems but you will surely discover something deeper within you that you have never thought you are capable of. It's like you're trying out a new dish or a newly opened restaurant, or a new cuisine you've never tried. You taste the unfamiliar exquisite spice that tingles your senses and you know you're in for quiet a ride. And you long for more...
"Today's travellers… cultivate wonderment like an elixir of happiness, which lends every journey the vibrant colours of life." 1
The art of travel. It is not which destination you go. But how you experience, interact and digest the diversity of the world with its many facets.

1 - Taken from Editorial of HISTOIRE(S) by Louis Vuitton.

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