Monday, September 22, 2014

BKK Reviewed

All went smoothly. SQ is my favourite airline and always provide topnotch service. Business class on the way back was pretty awesome. Premium lane is one of the many highlights. Gives u a bit of the special treatment once they opened the door to a secret passage to priority immigration check. Meal was really good. It was spicy but i really love it. I had Solitaire Dreams which is the best cocktail i have had. They offered champagne as expected. Twas a 2 hour flight so the service is rushed but i totally appreciate attention they give u when u request something.

Pullman is modern style while Dusit is classic elegance.

It is hard to find out who is the clear winner but judging from service quality i give Dusit an upperhand. Though their room facilities are old and some defective. They were able to remedy it quite quick. Location is the best. The food is not good though. It was bland and not fit for five star quality. Room is pretty small and i hear people talking at the other room which is annoying. Either they speak so loud or the hotel has super thin walls.

Pullman has the best in food quality. From brekkie buffet to wine selection. They also have the best cocktail and superb burger that is open 24/7. The room was humongous and i slept really good. The location is not too good. Walking more than 20 mins to reach BTS or maybe i took wrong route. It was hard cos when it rains it pours and i was literally drench soaking wet. When its hot it was terrible too. Good thing massage places are all over this area to revive my tired feet.

The best ever. Thai massage is affordable in comparison to Sydney which is overpriced. Sauna is not too bad. I consider Japan to be the leader. I recommend Prime Massage Centre. They are really trained. And you get value for what you pay for.

I was suprised to see lots of brands i like here. Siam Paragon has the high-end brands. Also extend walking further down and you can get bargain clothing apparel. Thai are pretty flexible so be ready to bargain reasonably.

I havent eaten in any fine dining restaurant so i am limited  to street food. I like barbeque dipped in spicy sauce, sticky rice mango with coconut milk and of course pad thai. All of which at an insanely reasonable prices.

Having said that i did enjoy Bangkok less the humidity and thunderstorms.

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