Thursday, February 14, 2013


This time around its not V for Valentines but V for Vicious Busy Times! I feel so stressed all throughout the week and even the prior weeks. Work seems to pile up.

Reverse the V and you get A, which stands for the Academy.

Hmm, I can't wait for the Academy Awards night. I watched couple of Oscar-nominated film including the front-runners for Best Picture. I haven't completed watching but soon enough I will do my movie critique. I remember back in uni I used to watch heaps of films and might watch the ones I liked twice or even thrice. I put up a review blog much like rottentomatoes although back then I just review the main aspects of the film including its setting, screenplay, cinematography and of course acting. Too bad I lost track of the website now. I don't even know the URL for that.

Anyway few days before the Oscars, probably on 24th - I will publish my review and who I think will grab the coveted golden statue! Last  year I got 70-80% accuracy on my predictions, so pretty much you can say that I have a controlling interest with the panel.

Well that's something to look forward too beside the Vicious Busy Times day ahead of me.

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