Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Great Hope for Dogs

Today is a brand new year in reference to the Chinese Calendar. It marks the 'Year of the Snake'. I've been googling around and there were so many hopeful things to look forward to for someone like me ~ born on the 'Year of the Dog'.

Curiosity crept in on how my horoscope would look like... and based on my simple research here are some good things that might happen this year:

the Year of the Dog person gets some extra money in 2013;
I am hoping this is the money that I've been waiting all my life. If it is, then the next hopeful thing would make sense then.

2013 can be a good year for business and careers... By the way, are you looking for new opportunities to make some money and do something you like at the same time?
If it does? Then my ultimate HRHRM business model would definitely crystallise.

Well that's for most of it, which is extremely giving me a positive vibe right now. However, lets have a close look at my personality. Maybe rediscover something...

Dogs are helpful, trustworthy, caring and reliable individuals. Usually possessing good listening skills Dogs are willing to stand up for the rights of others. Dogs make loyal and perceptive friends due to their intelligence and insightful natures.
Given to mood swings, sensitive and emotional Dogs would benefit from being more assertive and rational. Dogs can appear stubborn or obstinate, at times. as they prefer direct action to polite socialised activities.
That being said please be polite to me at all occasions this year. Remember, I bring good luck. I have heaps of money dashing towards me. Don't bite me in the @$$ or else...

On a different note, I haven't updated this blog in a pretty long period of time. I guess I was busy when I came back to Sydney. Life got a bit more interesting. I love my new job as FinAc Mgr. It gets interesting as my company did venture into Philippine business and I am keeping my fingers crossed - who knows they might send me to Manila operations if opportunity arises.

I moved to Rhodes pretty much because of the promising location and of course it literally is just steps away. The place I am staying is branded as luxurious living. Rent is not too bad compared with what I was paying for back in Pyrmont. Less working capital this time around cos I walk to work, which I found excellent at first. But after a month of doing so, I feel that working and living in the same place gets a bit upsetting. Maybe huge factor would be - its not the City I got used to. They even dubbed it as Asian Territory. Hence, no pub and just hot chocolate at night. The apartment is brand newwith good view! It greatly compensates for those blabbering I just did. Visit me here so you know what I mean..

Anyway, as for the Great Hope for the Dogs! I feel that it's really getting closer. I guess I would have to wait and see. I've done couple of strategic planning early this year with Royal Assent granted just last week. I just got to stick with the plan and hope for the best!

Happy CNY everyone!


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