Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Roller Coaster Ride / Sittin' up in my Room

Three weeks after I left Sydney, all has been a ballistic roller coaster ride. It was partly what I did expect but a lot of which turned out to be unfortunate. Extremely uncalled for.

Everytime I make big decisions, I see to it that I have the contingency life vest. I do have it.. but it has holes in it. And now I am praying for a miracle that maybe someone will sacrifice their own life vest to save me... On second thought, patience can be a key too. Maybe I wait for the repair man to fix it. I know I am trained to always stand on my own feet.


Anyway, nonstop rain and I just take the courage to motivate myself and do my promised reviews. Otherwise I end up on my bed and binging on chocolate and cheese puffs (which I adore by the way).

So it will be just another rainy day. Hoping that my supplies won't run out as I laze in my bed playing S3 games.

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