Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Chapters of My Life

Not that I find blogging obsolete but the urge to post an entry or two seems to be unappealing anymore. Blame it to Facebook's status messages or Twitter, I reckon. It defies the free-flowing mind to capture life as it passes by.

[ Disclaimer: If you can't really decipher the gist of this blog post, better skip it now. I really think that this post can be too personal for me and you might not pick up anything from it ]

But recently or should I say today, I got my keyboards for $75. It's wireless and somehow I have to justify its use (for my iPad). But I know you can't put price tag to the output this keyboard brings. And yes, I am officially blogging via iPad. Technology can be so advanced and complex but so long as you know how to use it right, it brings the desired fruit that you would want to reap.

As months pass by, a lot has changed. I believe that I owe blogger a lot, as there are stories yet to be told.

A month after my last post. Something big happened. It changed me for the better. Often times I have never thought that this would be possible but destiny arrived. Love is simple yet can be so complex when not dealt with a mature mind. Growing up nourishes it with understanding and compromise. Past gives us an idea on how to live the present and plan for the future.

I finished my first CA module. And yes it is really competitive. I have to take a little breather after the first one. I decided to have my much deserved holiday to the US. Somehow visit my relatives and friends. The trip was surreal. I never imagined that the Bonus clan will be so accommodating that I think I left my heart in San Francisco. Most especially the I <3 NY is so true. Hmm... and what happens in Vegas should definitely stay in Vegas. Nuff said you know what I'm talking about.

Its September, finally the season has changed. Spring gives another hope that brings us closer to what we want in life. And it adds another year of wisdom. I turned 29 and I don't really want to admit it but sometimes I can't help but wonder how I lived my 20s. Did I enjoy my youth? Was I too focused at work? Did I not achieve what I wanted? So many questions yet the answer is so simple. I have lived my 8 years in my 20's as what I expected it to be - 'No regrets'. Simply because if you start questioning and regreting any moment in your life, then you have just wasted it without anything to takeaway. Yes, all of us would have done something foolish, stupid or just plain wrong but we learn from them. We carry them at our back and look back when we get a chance and laugh about it. We do not live by constantly whining and regretting it. But we bring it because it gives us courage that we have surpassed the trials and mischief.

At 29, I will work hard in building the foundation in my career. So when I step into thirty-hood I am ready to build an empire that I can enjoy when I retire and settle down. Everything that happens in life can be a cliche. But I believe that we experience them so we can grow in wisdom and confidence to build a stable life.

That's all for now and you have to pardon my thoughts as they are all around jumping around like fire crackers. I haven't done this in a long time so I really don't know how to contain it, like a popcorn in a bag popping in the microwave. Funny how I get this kind of thoughts. Seems preposterous and even pointless, you can say. But for me its meaningful. I've reread it and it exudes in perfection. Captured crystal clear just the way I wanted it to be (confusing and profound). It's as good as it gets maybe better next time around.

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