Sunday, September 25, 2011

How it all went?

Basically I am still recovering from the aftershock of the exams. To be honest, it all went pretty well. I guess studying during the last 5 days before the exam paid off. Good that its been raining too to at least keep me away from doing something else in the City. One bad thing about living near civilisation.

One thing I learned from all this is not to cram again. Best to review each unit in detail as you it comes along in focus session discussions. Hence, I promise to maintain critical file from day one.

Other things - I am trying to focus on risk assessment of my own credit file. This time around I vowed to stay away from capital purchases. Means I'm growing isn't it? Like today, I manage to buy $13 shoes and serves practical purpose since my feet were all drenched. Blame it to the stupid rain.

Finished True Blood S4 too but its all too disturbing. The plot thickens and now I can't wait for S5. I reckon, I would be reading the next instalment on Sookie Stackhouse book 5.

Lets call it an early night, for tomorrow's going to be a good and nice sunny day. I hope.

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