Friday, October 27, 2017

... to new beginnings!

Many times I go back to my blog just to find out at what particular date things happen. For documentary purposes, this is the time I left Potts Point and moved to Ashfield. I was staying with Roi for more than a month since I returned in Sydney. Million thanks to him. I have 2 great friends who would always help me through thick and thin. The other one is Niko, he lives in Melbourne now.

Anyway, I decided to move out with a sole purpose of getting back on my feet as quickly as I can. If I pay my rent. I know my funds will deplete and it will drive me to get a job quicker. Rather than sleeping all day, watching tons of Netflix. I thought that this is for the best. Besides, I can see the calories building up in my waistline and having my double chin back!

So I moved. I live with Peter. He is single 55 years of age has a knee problem. But it makes no difference to me as he is very kind. I met him Tuesday and decided to move after three days.

Luckily I got a good news shortly after moving in. I received an offer of employment with a mining company. It was a battle against well known food and beverage giant. I tried to stall the former so the pressure is on for the latter to give me an offer before COB today. They actually did. It was verbal subject to background check. I accepted Lion of course. Other companies are also aggressive like Electrolux, GoGet, etc. I guess its my lucky week.

Why did I choose Lion? Plain and simple. It is where I belong. I speak their culture. I live and breathe changes, innovation. Being agile. Continuous improvement. and of course, I love beer! and I am an advocate for sociability. Something I learnt recently from my world travel.

So, lets drink to new beginnings, which has been my mantra when coupled with self-doubt or despair.

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