Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 missing

There is this huge cloud over 2016 for me. I know I have not blogged for the whole year. But now I have finally moved on...

Losing my father last year was a big heartache. Living in another country, another continent makes it unbearable. I tend to look for something that will divert the thoughts temporarily.

Now I am ready to put them in writing. He was one of the great pillars in my life that I look up to. The person who is very considerate and appreciate the little efforts I put through back when I was young. Actually both my parents are the best parents anyone can wish for. Very ideal and they brought me up quite well and I am proud of that.

The day I learnt about my father's passing, was when I was with my older brother after he picked me up from NAIA. The emotions were not visible but in my heart it was in unimaginable pain. I let go of all the walls that I built to protect my composure and I hugged a friend. I started crying. But deep inside, I know that he is in a much better place and he would like us to move on and get on with our lives.

Throughout the year, I was doing my best at work. Trying to do what I like most. I am not bounded by traditions so I went on for holidays to Melbourne, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and back to Philippines pre-Christmas. I learnt that my avenue for sorrow still belongs to travelling.

When I travel I go to a different mindset. A place where I venture the unexpected. Learn of other cultures. Appreciate the arts. See how other people in other countries live their life. And discover my thirst to explore something new.

Though I missed 366 days worth of entries on this blog, I know that I can encapsulate everything in one notion. That is, I learnt how to let go and I took baby steps to moving on. 

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