Thursday, April 17, 2014

Japan here I come

I have an hour and forty-five til my flight commences. My initial thoughts are:

I hope I get well soon. Not that im sick but im just not 100% well atm

I hope to get rid off the annoying vibrate mode on my s5 which signals everytime I press space and delete

I hope to learn enough japanese that I can communicate well

I hope I wont be lost in translation

I hope we get a good weather for the whole 10 day stay

I hope my mom will start answering my tango calls

I hope my internet sim doesnt f*up when I use it initially

I get to get rid off this bad stress aura I got from work

I hope my work situation gets better as I am away.. it was looking gloomy when I left

I hope I get a chance to watch game of thrones next monday and not read spoilers if I wont be able to watch

finally I hope I board soon as I had exhausted all my I hopes and wishes... til then. I am in sg or jpn.

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