Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fix me

The house is so quiet. It's raining once again. I've never felt this sad. I don't know what's bothering me. Maybe my upcoming exams. Or maybe the stress at work. I couldn't even feel that in matter of days, I will be flying off to my home.

Excitement will commence once I finish my work tomorrow. That is certain! I am not frightened with this module, maybe because its different. All other modules have strict standard, laws and regulation whilst MAA is purely on how you analyse the business and using your judgement to get the most out of a given situation.

If only I can apply all these decision-making tools into my life. If only I have the decision-making at work. All constraints are pulling me down into deep sadness. If only I can fix me.

Oh well, this will soon be finished. And I will enjoy my well-deserved holiday! Christmas with my family is the only anticipation that will reverse the misery out of me.

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