Wednesday, November 24, 2010

and it started to pick up! bits by bits.

Two years ago, my dreams were shattered and I've got nothing to hold on to except for friends and families at my back. My career path was on the verge of collapse. and so much more emotions paired with it that made me despondent. Now that I'm picking up I see that I'm getting there. Still aligned with what I dream to become one day.

I realised a great deal through this whole ordeal. I know that I just have to carry myself with faith and dignity. Temporarily migrate to a world I know would nurture my fragile heart and soul. I did my own version of Eat. Pray. Love. I become whole again but still fragile.

I struggled so much more that I know this time... I know how it is to fall down without any defences available for me to shield on. But I learnt what I needed in the future. I establish plans on how to achieve it. Though I am not yet on my destination and outcome might still be far; Its good to know that I can see positive results. Bits by bits I am getting there.

I realised that no matter how long it will take me, I shall get to the Paradis parfumé and that's all that matters. Now I thank Him for strength He continuously gives me. Call it luck, chances but I know this is grace from God. Finally I learn to appreciate each blessings I get, no matter how small. I know I wouldn't achieve any of these without prayers. I am thankful for what I have now. Each small things in my life. And continue to live for the moment.

And this is the best Christmas present yet to be received.

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