Tuesday, August 10, 2010


A lot has happened since the last time I put an entry to this blog. For one, I started my uni. I guess small status messages on FB would show that I felt the excitement. Feels few years younger hanging out at UTS. Though I haven't had the time to literally open my legislation books and start memorising sections of the law, I felt a certain good vibes - that I am on the right track.

Last weekend I was skiing at Perisher Blue. Flashback happened, I know it was a misfortune but that will always keep me reminded to put my ego down. Stay focus and work within my means.

These past few weeks had been hell. Always so much to do at work but then again, the performance shows how efficient my team did. Hope all goes well and we shall meet our deadlines.

A week before I had splendid time at Oxland. Not to mention good vibes again. But not to keep my hopes up. I should know better. Don't want to create frustration and whine about it later on.

**Might be worth saying that I am losing track of what I'm writing here. But thoughts just pop out whenever.

Lodge my tax return by the way. It was ages ago but just wanted to say that I had a good one. The very first of its kind, I want to welcome Brooks to the crowd. Feels overwhelming at first. And I take it with pride. Lets just say that I have this enormous power and glamour whenever I have 'em.

Then again, I got a new red awesome sunnies. A way to welcome Spring, I guess. It will not be long and I will turn another year on my age calendar. Just a number, yeah yeah! but it always been a clear reminder asking me if I have reached what I wanted at this spectrum. All I can say is... I'm getting there. Soon enough, it will be another year to celebrate. Look back and smile. As the sun always shine back at us. Letting us know that the sweat it produces can be worth it. After all the nice weather is yet to come.

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