Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rebuilding ME

The last time I blogged was when I got released from the hospital on Good Friday. It has been almost two months since then.

Last month was the climax of the whole health-ordeal! Takes big courage and struggle for me to finally cross the fragile bridge and finally breathe again. I am thanking all my Sydney friends who have helped me as I regain my strength and literally assisting me when I take my first small steps to recovery. Worth-mentioning are my friends Aiza, Sam and most especially Roi. They have sacrificed a lot for me and for that I am eternally indebted with their kindness.

The surgery went well of course. I was sedated still but I remember clearly how I acted weird around my friends. One thing that I recall is that I was happy to see friends who stayed by my side when I needed them most. After the surgery, I felt so fragile. I saw that there were so many tubes attached on my body. I felt lucky having them. I am at peace.

Few days after, another thunder came about. Minor complications that will lead to additional 2 weeks stay in the hospital. I had a wound breakdown and they had to re-open the stitches. It was the worst pain ever, as I do not have any anesthesia or pain relievers to ease the pain. Further to that, I had another wave of abscess that needed another drainage. Luckily it was not related to the colon resection and it was just a minor post-op surgery complications.

I began my days in the hospital very routinely. Taking a bath, watching Today's and hoping to win the cash-give-away's, writing in my journal, watching Ellen, reading Chuck Palahniuk's The Haunted and Damned, ward walking fashioning my bloody drains and my VAC machine, and a lot of things I won't bore you so much. Doing it for the first few days is fine but on the 15th day after post-op is just too much. I always look outside my window and see people enjoying the sun, sitting in the park - reading a book or having a picnic with mates. I envy them.

I was discharged on 20th day and I was really happy to see the outside world again. The transition was a bit hard, especially as I was carrying a small VAC machine (which is the optimal weight after a surgery that I can carry). The most obvious change is the assistance of the nurses. It felt different and hard for me to cope but I made it through. Roi and Sam would help me in things that require physical strength, like doing my groceries, laundry, or changing sheets.

As I am writing this, two weeks have passed [since discharge] and I am again bored. I talked with my boss and the good thing is that I will be back to my work on Monday. Half-day's for one week as advised by my doctor. Hopefully I can make it through just right.

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